There are sensors in our joints, muscles, ligaments and skin which provide information for our body position sense. This system can influence the response of our muscles. If muscles don’t react with enough speed or strength the body can be suddenly or gradually damaged.

Abnormal function, position or injury can cause a persistent disturbed sensory feedback to the central nervous system which may result in the feeling of pain and other problems.

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If you have suffered a sporting injury, our Sports Injury Clinic will work with you through a tailor made programme that suits you, to help return you to peak performance.

At Southport Chiropractic Clinic we deliver sport-specific Injury Assessment, Treatment, Rehabilitation and Performance Care.

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Welcome to Souhtport Chiropractic Clinic where we offer a variety of different treatments to help you find fast, effective pain relief from back pain, joint pain and sporting injuries.

We use a variety of practices including Sports Massage Southport, Chiropractic Southport and Injury Rehabilitation to help return you to peak performance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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